Bóthar is an Irish NGO  helping poorer families and communities worldwide overcome hunger and poverty, by the use of livestock as development aid. On Monday October 10th 2016 one of the biggest multi-species airlifts ever to leave Ireland and one of the biggest in the world, left the tarmac of Shannon Airport bound for war ravaged Rwanda.

‘The Bóthar Ark’ as it was christened, carried with a live cargo of 37 in-calf dairy cows, three bulls, 260 pigs, 100 dairy goats, 5,000 chicks, and 5,000 AI straws, which was dispersed amongst 797 Rwandan families still suffering as a result of genocide perpetrated in Rwanda.The historic flight marked the 25th anniversary of the aid agency Bóthar.


Helping Bóthar celebrate their 25th anniversary was celebrity Dublin football manager Jim Gavin, a newly appointed ambassador for the charity. I was asked by Bóthar’s PR agency to provide filming and editing support in the form of video news releases. It was decided that the trip would be best documented by a series of fast turn around mini documentaries for social media. For each of the days we were in Rwanda I would shoot and edit a video diary of Jim’s experience.